1. weltysymposium:

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    Excited to be a part of the Eudora Welty Writers’ Symposium!


  2. Writers drink. Writers rant. Writers phone. Writers sleep.

    I often wonder about the people who linger over trash baskets at the corners of the city’s sidewalks. One sees them day and night, young and old, well dressed, in rags—often with shopping bags—picking over the trash. They pick out newspapers, envelopes. They discard things. I often wonder who they are and what they’re after. I approach and cannot ask them. Anyway, they scurry off. Sometimes I think they are writers who do not write. That “writers write” is meant to be self-evident. People like to say it. I find it is hardly ever true. Writers drink. Writers rant. Writers phone. Writers sleep. I have met very few writers who write at all.

    —from Speedboat, Renata Adler 


  3. if i would leave myself behind: novella and stories by Lauren Becker

    I’ve been reading Lauren Becker’s stories for years. They are tiny and moving and lovely. They remind me of myself in ways that make me uncomfortable. Her stories turn ugliness and unhappiness into something more, which is often why I write, too. There is still ugliness and unhappiness but writing is a way to transform these things, even if it is a small and insufficient way. 

    This sounds super depressing. I don’t mean it that way. I really don’t. 

    Here are a few of my favorite stories from her collection, and virtually everything she’s ever written is in here so you should buy it so you can have them all: 

    "Merrily, Merrily" 


    "Five Ways" 

    "Independent Living" 

    "His Days" 

    My very favorite story isn’t online. It’s called “The Apple Dress” and it’s in Pank 5. You might have that issue sitting on a shelf somewhere. If you do, you should find it and read it.

    You can buy if i would leave myself behind  here


  4. This is one of my very favorite flashes ever. 


    Let’s say things stop working out for you. Lets say you run out of money in a city that doesn’t know you, and the only job they find you is killing dogs on the night shift. Your car dies. Your apartment is not quite far enough from the shelter. That distant sound of barking dogs is amplified by…


  5. The Art of Fiction XVI

    Thornton Wilder, from The Art of Fiction XVI

    I think I write in order to discover on my shelf a new book which I would enjoy reading, or to see a new play that would engross me. That is why the first months of work on a new project are so delightful: you see the book already bound, or the play already produced, and you have the illusion that you will read or see it as though it were a work by another that will give you pleasure.


  6. at what point


    do you start referring to your own book as a ‘cult hit’ in bios? earnestly want to know. lol.